07 August 2015


I’m asked, “So, what’s your vision for your “retirement?”
I didn’t have an answer. I’ve never believed I’d have any money for one. Every day is a financial struggle, I’m not ambitious, I don’t value acquiring and holding money and my education and skill sets are hopelessly out of sync with the every social, political, economic, and cultural resource in demand.
  • Annual week @ the beach.
  • Church
  • Time w/Grandchildren

That’s about as far as I got. I’ve never taken it seriously, as presented in common medias, nor have I ever believed in the notion of “retirement.” Accumulating wealth has never been an ambition. I’m interested in the content of my character and my actions. I’m ambitious for them, yes, rather than $$$$$$ in my bank account, which is not to say we don’t have some resources.
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Making stuff

I don’t like the word “stuff.” What I create is non-commercial and idiosyncratic, even though it can be placed within photographic and sculptural artistic traditions. Most folks don’t get it, and left not knowing what to think, say, or do, fall back on the polite custom of saying nothing and/or thinking “Bless his heart, he’s going to have a hard time.” I know I feel that way at times so it’s natural.

For a fine real world example seek out Borderland Tees (http://www.borderlandtees.com) in Knoxville. These folks do good work, make money, yes, so to be self supporting, but really do cultivate activities & employ & invest in people being left behind by contemporary aggregating bottom-line T.Q.M. business cultures. Borderland Tees is not unhinged from Adam Smith’s moral imperatives.
So, again, to answer the question about MY retirement, my goal is to cultivate the content of my character and to do those things, with others of a like mind, that will help me assist, where ever and who ever they might be, “others” who are left behind. I think of it as a living into Micah’s theological declaration,
He has shown you, O mortal, what is good. And what does the LORD require of you?To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.

I hope this makes sense. It’s a windy answer, and, I presume, not one you might often hear. I feel it seems hopelessly high-minded. Alas & anyway, there it is and there I am. That’s my “retirement” I’d like to fund with the little I have and the time I have remaining.

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