08 July 2015

Lucky Smoke

“You wanna smoke?
“Really? In all of this? And you don’t wanna smoke? Your kiddin’ me.”
Pee Wee held two with his lips, bent his head down, shielding his lighter in cupped hands from wind and snapped his chin up stretching his neck, throat open, dragging smoke through both lips holding ‘em pointed up, being still. He took one out, the other relaxing down, and reached out to offer it up. Kup salivated and was penned in now, by the aroma and his desire, back into his own fuckin’ corner.
“Prick,” and he took the Lucky and dragged on it and drew inward and closed his eyes and held it being still, too.
“How’s it feel?
“Well…” exhaling, “tastes good feels better, you prick.
“OK. Good,” Pee Wee chuckling a ‘typical’ inside.  “Now, what are we gonna do to get outta here?”

“Now? No. Now I finish my Lucky.”

06 July 2015

Old Man Orange Shirt

I made a mistake, made a wrong turn on top level at UT Med Ctr parking lot. A white hair old man Orange Shirt attendant in golf cart blocks me in my mistake so I couldn't move to correct my error and finish parking correctly. I don't like to park incorrectly. 
I roll my window down smile and I say,
"I'm sorry, I made a mistake."
Old man white hair Orange Shirt says, "Security don't care 'bout your mistake! They give you ticket!"
"Thank you!," I say and white hair old man Orange Shirt carts off. I correct my mistake. I'm walking into 
back main entrance of Bldg C and white hair Orange Shirt old man drives by and smiles and waves to me.

03 July 2015

Pruning Down

I see her anguish.
I’m helpless with her fears.
My helplessness is my distress
That is in my emptiness. Maranatha.
I pruned down the winter-killed gardenia.
It’s growing!