25 May 2015

Left Behind

Left behind is how I feel
Any metaphor I conjure is
Not one I care for
To leave behind.
They just break down and anyway
I don’t believe my words will survive but I like them.

I don’t believe in money though it’s overrated and necessary.
I do believe in music but it takes practice and practice that’s necessary to leave it behind if
A song w’ lyrics is prayer twice told, no matter in a bar, a parlor, a concert, or a church
Heart and mind and voice are engaged and left behind in our hearts, well, my heart.
Do quants leave music behind?
My words are left behind and my children do not see them, do they?

My children do not see the books I like and I read
Like I saw the books my parents did not read but displayed as if
They did and they just showed off.
It may be that what I leave behind will just be
My children as my bio-destiny I will achieve
And I’m sad they might not care for what I found before and after
In my books that I have read and marked and felt moved by
In my books that I have read and believed in and felt as my
Hope so they might know me
In them it will be what I cannot imagine.


I take for granted my hope and my desire just as my children do theirs if
They even know what is now like I didn't know what mine was when
the what I left behind as my parents left me behind and I grew
And lived and loved and became my part of The Way they were in their moments they left behind in their 8mm Kodak 50 foot color movies.
I know my children may never see the I AM that I still am and will never be again and
What may we come to be?

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