30 May 2015


“Listen…” and we’d sit
“Listen to the wind You hear it? Listen!”

The sound made with limbs of sanctuary trees in our silence
Where the Hootie Owl searched, calling, hoooo, hooooo, hoooooo, to woke me while I lay sleeping
Listening inside winter’s night window opened up.
Drapes billow, pulls klunk on wall by our cold wind
A snow-dusting on carpet such a fragile snow dust.
Hoooo, hooooo, hoooooo, Hootie Owl calls me, I listen, still cold as the
Wind between whistling sanctuary branches
Klunky pulls kuhplunking,
Bobby Darin callin’ Mack and his knife 'waken me
Someone sneakin’ ‘round the corner, ho, ho,
Bet you Daddy’s back in town.

Downstairs in the living room I held me onto the sofa by our fear and his lonliness.
He in the white wingback slouching down legs and feet out listening to lp and sound, but
“Listen! Listen, do you hear the wind?” And I could
Hear swizzling ice, tinkling in melting water and scotch in his etched diamond shapes on glass
Tumbler he’d stumble and swuzzle when he woke or drop
Off while he drank and sank
Lower and lower down into weary deadened blackout.
I sat and watched and listened and smelled Johnnie Walker
His lower lip curling and pooching down and out
Scared to rouse a weary scared sad friendless lonely ogre who was the Daddy
I knew.

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