01 December 2013


My vertigo’s 3rd redux, this time w/ chaos.
I awake, 2AM, my mind body symbiotically spinning in immobility.  I’m Dorothy, not in Kansas, whirling w/ cold sweat ending in projectile spewing. Body’s in control & collapse, it ain’t mine anymore; mind is nowhere found. I was my bed, in home, Keystone, Panicsville, R.F.D., Milky Way, Universe, Expanding Cosmos into the Nothingness. Whirlies are no where near comparable. I panic draped over my bedside screaming, Get some help. My beloved figures it out, tb2g.
Ground Controls’ EMT rescue can’t get gurney into 2627, they practically carry me out me pretending to shuffle my legs and feet, w/ a swerving swaying bumpy hot, hey turn the heat off, the cold trip to Sisters of Mercy, tb2G, for 3hr evaluation. After C-scan empty room trying to stand hoping to find peanut to pee lost consciousness collapse yank out feed w/ me & my blood everywhere on the floor. OMG, what an idiot, I kicked the hornet’s nest! Typical. Another c-scan again and another empty again; TB2G!
Hilarious if weren’t existentially terrorizing for us who didn’t know what we didn’t know.
Alfred Hitchcock and Jimmy Stewart not even close and I’m sorry Kim Novak’s not the cause.
Vertigo. I don’t recommend it.

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