07 March 2013

Lent: Mind, Body, Emotion

Created by Shalmor Avnon Amichay/Y&R Interactive, Tel Aviv, Israel.
I’m not the brightest bulb in the IQ-mind-chandelier. I’ve an active mind an inquiring mind. I’m not afraid to ask questions or ask for an explanation or for help. I cultivate a process to settle down into reason. If I’m angry I unleash my reason easily. This is not a successful social skill. My sense is folks are wary of emotions or wary of my emotions or wary of a man expressing emotions. Whatever.
I can be still for ‘bout 90 – 120 minutes, then I got to move. Being in motion helps my reasoning flow. I’ve a need for knowledge, i.e. I need to know the why of stuff. I learn best by doing. I learn from my behavioral errors. I learn from my behavioral and, with practice, I integrate verbal direction into behavioral movement. I’m coachable. I’m mulish about holding onto my experience and my foresight that flows directly from it.
I’m not a quant and my mind is not quantish; quants are cold. I admire their gift, their aptitude; I admire logic and the gift of linear reason; statistics are revealing and useful. My admiration is insufficient to ignore my dislike of our cultural co-dependence on hyper-rationalism.
If there’s a spiritual message beneath our quantitative co-dependent age it’s as Jean Vanier has written,
“A society which disregards those who are weak and non-productive risks exaggerating the development of reason, organization, aggression and the desire to dominate.It becomes a society without heart, without kindness — a rational and sad society, lacking celebration, divided within itself and given to competition, rivalry and, finally violence.”[1]
I take my body for granted. I expend little spiritual energy maintaining my body and health. I’m blessed with robust health, cardio-vascular stamina, hand/eye coordination, muscle memory, strength, and persistence. I’m a slow-twitch muscle. I take my abundance of health for granted. I do have body issues I pay close attention to. When my body & I have been stunned or shaken, and I’m talkin’ surgeries, broken bones, emotional sensitivity & confusion, I’ve been able to summon the medical care and will and perseverance to nurture my mind and body back to a useful symbiosis.
I never was an athlete; I couldn’t bear coaches yellin’ at me. I found on-field team experiences disorienting. I’m a solo guy. I take care of my physical being, but, from time to time, I’m rude to it, which is to say that when I’m conscious of when I do something that does not facilitate proper health. I’m conscious of this. I’ve never abused my body; it hurts too much.
I have a tolerance for physical discomfort but it’s been self-taught and an acquired, cultivated skill. I have a tolerance for pain in my mind too; I believe I’m genetically pre-dispossession to depression’s tidal ebb and flow. I treat it. I manage it.
My emotions are my antennae. I trust my emotions. I don’t wear them on my sleeve but I don’t mask them either. There’s no mystery about my feelings; I express them; they’re plain to see, hear, and experience. My emotions are my mind’s thermometer and barometer. My mind, by which I mean my ability for reason, analysis, and my memory’s experience warehouse, is my partner and rational governor.
My mind, body, and emotions are integrated and work in symbiosis. My spiritual take-a-way from this snapshot is my mind, body, and emotion trinity is slowing. I expend energy but I don’t recover as I used to. I’m spiritually tired.

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