24 January 2013

Enjoy the Silence

Depeche Mode's CD, Violator.
The Episcopal Catechism in The Book of Common Prayer (BCP), under Prayer and Worship, found on page 856, asks,
Q.        What is prayer?
A.         Prayer is responding to God, by thought and by deeds, with or without words.
Do you know Depeche Mode’s music? Do you know their CD, Violator, their song, Enjoy the Silence?
I think it’s a ballad about love. Here’s a link; please listen to the music. I find it engaging, celebratory, joyous, and hopeful. Here’s a link to the lyrics, no sound just text. I find them not so much celebratory as down to earth like my real life, i.e. realistic and toned with a bit of regret and sadness.
Now consider . . . and imagine . . . the lyrics are about a relationship intertwining music & lyric in a brilliant call and response. How does God call you? In Enjoy the Silence I’m responding to God’s call in me. This ballad is about my relationship with St. James Episcopal Church, especially,
All I ever wanted,
All I ever needed,
Is here in my arms
Words are so very unnecessary
They can only do harm.

Enjoy the Silence . . . .
Hmmm. You might say, “Bill, have you taken your meds? It’s just a song.” And I would say, “Of course, and thank you Depeche Mode.” I Enjoy the Silence. The catechism’s Q&A in the BCP helps me link with God just for a moment; a moment is all God’s call and my response takes for me to heed His still small voice even though God’s rockin’ His call in Depeche Mode’s Enjoy the Silence.
God gives the grace by which I perceive Him in music. Just for today I proclaim Depeche Mode’s music & lyrics as my Christian Prayer, my petition, which lifts my heart & mind to You, Oh Lord, asking nothing but to celebrate our relationship. And thank you Episcopal Church and The Book of Common Prayer.

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