13 December 2012

Magpies Bakery

It 's unusual in K-town, well, really, I should say anywhere in the southern states where I've had home baked or commercial pecan pies, to find any sample other than nearing to the blah crust, overwhelming numbers of tasteless pecans, often crushed into bits, and cloyingly sweet, the corn syrup slathered into something that just gloms together in the pie and stays glommed together in my mouth.
 So I was thrilled to sample Magpies Bakery's thanksgiving pecan pie. I posted on their fb page and here is what transpired:
"Your T-giving pecan pie is 5 star!
- yummy crust: I'd expect nothing less; duh!

- just right amount of pecans: not overwhelming & yum yum!

- not too sweet: huzzah!
Thank you Bill ~ We really appreciate the feedback.
This is my mother's recipe. No corn syrup...all butter, sugar, eggs and rum. I used to help her break the pecans by hand to use for her pecan tassies she'd make every Christmas. (She didn't like chopping her nuts for some reason:)) It's one of my faves.
You’re most welcome. It’s as delicious & savory as it is understated. I’d never guessed the rum; hmm."

I felt Peggy or Holly's response lovely and I pass it along; these bakers have mojo goin' on now; long may it be so!

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