17 November 2012

WESTERN Boulder Colo.

It’s been awhile and I’d kept it a long time and it still feels like it used to; the steel holds its edge and it’s still easy in my hand; it always was; thanks for restoring it, Scott.
It's the smaller of two sheaf knives. Tom got the bigger. I was younger and smaller, number two son, as my father used to say, and I got the smaller later on and I felt it unfair. I’ve got Tom's knife and I've never really used it and it’ll never be mine, and he’s dead, so….
I was given mine when I was twelve. I was thrilled and I felt worthy and maybe I felt grown up. I used to try to throw it into a tree and that didn't work out to well. I used it to teach myself outdoor cooking and later on indoor kitchen cooking. I've done fifty years, off and on, of that. Tom married and never learned to cook or hunt outdoors. I feel a part of me is restored and I like that and I’m reminded I felt worthy for a first time and it’s been awhile and nothing else is as satisfying. Thanks for restoring it to me.

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