09 November 2012

Cultivating Sacred Life

 The Word ‘Christian’ is a Poor Adjective got me thinking about my sacred life. I try. I often miss the mark. I often need help. I’ve been blessed for living with motivation and inspiration by cultivating and pondering sacred texts; for example I've a B.A. in the History & Literature of Religion.
And I cultivate my sacred life. I recently hijacked an elder priest (he reminds me of Gandalf; I’ve teased him about this; his hair is snow white and he carries his infirmities with a shillelagh.
“Have you lived a sacred life?”
Hesitating, looking down, then squaring up to me and looking into me, he said,
“Yes. I think I have.”
I believe there's a spiritual life and there'ss a sacred life and no one person, or group of people, may say, claim, or determine who, what, when, where, why, or how a human being’s spiritual and sacred life is formed except the person who's seeking and living it and responding to God’s call.

Well some time later my Gandalf mailed me our BaptismalCovenant (BCP: pg. 304) rewritten in the first-person. He wrote,
A big part of what helps me remain faithful is frequent use of the Baptismal Covenant.
  • I will cultivate a sacred life.
  • I will study spiritual texts, especially Old and New Testament literatures, practice, pray, attend religious services and receive communion as the Christ’s apostles are portrayed as having done.
  • I will resist evil where I find it.
  • When I fall into sin I will turn back to God.
  • I will claim my limitations and I will ask for forgiveness.
  • I will seek and serve the Christ in all persons.
  • I will love and forgive my neighbor as I love and forgive myself.
  • I will proclaim the unseen spiritual world and that the Christ is my sacred window into it.
  • I will seek and strive for justice, peace, and kindness.
  • I will respect the dignity of every person. I will cultivate a sacred life.
I will cultivate a sacred community, a campus-dei, which uses and reflects on our Baptismal Covenant. I will find my help there.

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