04 September 2012

God is calling

How is God calling you?

I was brought into the Episcopal Church by three callings: a sacred building’s architecture, a date with Eros, and The Book of Common Prayer. The prayer book is the premier English language word and text for seeking, discerning, and cultivating God’s call to me and my response to the Higher Power. The prayer book set the hook in me. God’s call and my response to His call brought me to a sacred building, my erotic date, and the Episcopal Church’s book of prayers. The Higher Power’s calls and my responses have made all the difference.
That I am an observant churchman in St. James Episcopal Church is as much a result of God's calls as it is of my responses to them. The people in the sacred space called St. James keep welcoming me. I keep responding to the welcome. I say, “Thank you!” for the welcome. God and I, and His church, the people responding to their call through God's St. James Episcopal Church, Knoxville, TN., keep calling me back again.

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