25 September 2012

Cultivating Incarnation

I practice, practice, practice, one day at a time. I aim high cultivating behaviors to try to invite my Higher Power into my soul. I exercise and strengthen my faith. Reading Forward Day by Day and pondering what jumps out at me cultivates my faith. Believing I'm useful and have work to do strengthens my faith. Reading my Higher Power’s holy word and cultivating understanding of it with others strengthens my faith. My beloved with whom I walk cultivates my faith. the fellow seeker who walks with me strengthens my faith. Trying to do justice. Cultivating mercy. Mindfully calling God strengthens my faith. Praying with my body cultivates my faith. Cultivating and nurturing community of worship, which reminds me that, despite my shortcomings, I’m loved, I have value, and I make some difference in the life of another person, strengthens my faith. My regular worship in my sacred place cultivates my faith. Funding my sacred place cultivates my faith. It's practice, practice, practice living into my soul one day at a time.

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