27 August 2012


I’m disappointed in this 2012 presidential election season. I shake my head and press mute and what I see is dulling. I seek clarity. It’s the clarity not dulled by slashing ads and talking television heads and learned print opiners or reflexive proclamations from loved ones and friends and colleagues. I’m one human being and I cast one vote. I need help.
What are reasonable boundaries, terms, for my vote? I turn to the Book of Common Prayer for reasonable framing: see Prayer 18, For the Country, under Prayers for National Life found on page 820.
God has blest America with good land for our heritage.
·      We humbly pray for
Honorable industry
Sound learning
Pure manners
·      Save us from
·      Defend our Liberty.
·      Fashion one united people from the multitudes brought here from many clans and tongues.
·      Endue with the spirit of Wisdom those whom we entrust with the authority of government.
·      In time of prosperity fill our hearts with thankfulness.
·      In time of trouble fill our hearts with courage and determination.
Do these terms add substance to what I think and how I feel? I ask myself has President Obama labored to fulfill these terms? Do the terms deepen my understanding of the challenger? I ask my self will Mitt Romney work to fulfill these terms? Here my answer is framed by my intuition or my sense. Is substance added to what I sense and how I feel from what he presents me with?

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