12 July 2012

Taoist Tai Chi ~ 4

At certain moments when I practice Taoist Tai Chi I push down in my feet and shift forward and back within the Taoist Tai Chi form. Beginning instructors emphasize, “Trust the form.” The motion in the form is isolated and emphasized in one Taoist Tai Chi exercise. It’s a tor-yu. The continuing instructor says, “Feel your body move inside the form.” After four years I'm beginning to trust and experience my tor-yu sensations. Claire describes pushing down with feet as if “rooted in the floor.” She calls it “poetic”. Her poetry is apt. Yes! Taoist Tai Chi is physically and verbally poetic for me too. Rooted movement is my experience. It only lasts moments; stability rooted in feet and mind. The experience is stable and fluid. Taoist Tai Chi is rooted motion. It's surprising!

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