12 June 2012

Taoist Tai Chi ~ 3

The Taoist Tai Chi set is done in silence. Silence is characteristic of the set. I’ve never seen or done a set while folks chatter. I like this absence of chatter. I like this quiet. It’s calm, focuses the mind, and facilitates community. Yet when there is quiet there sound is too. Sounds emanates from within the Taoist Tai Chi set. They emerge from within the communal motion. The sounds are not noise to be filtered. They’re in the hush of continuous movement in community.

My favorite sound’s place is in go back to ward off monkey. The movement a short backward sequence of three left, right, left, steps combined with opposite, right, left, right, raised arm motions.

In the contemplative Taoist Tai Chi set it’s a go back to ward off idea. In the martial cousin’s tai chi conception it’s a retreat to parry. It’s a backward movement in either notion while attention is faced forward, and it’s the only sequential backward cluster of moves in the Taoist Tai Chi set that is done twice. In either metaphor, ward off or parry, the notion is aptly contrasted to a chattering monkey.
In reality sound emanates from movements. It collects from the many moving as one. It’s perceived in the community of the many going back to ward off monkey as one. The sound is hushed, and as graceful and pleasing as my beloved’s heartbeat in my ear.


  1. Good observation, and thank you for sharing, I find this movement has challenged me from the start, but then I many replacement parts :) your input has been most helpful and word I shall concert, Keep writing so I can learn more, Thanks!