02 May 2012


At 14th Street & University Avenue, we sat down.
“Hell No!” ~ We won’t go!”
“Hey! Hey! Ho! Ho! ~ Richard Nixon’s Gotta Go!”
A transit bus crept in to move us out. The bus was big. Within 75 feet, undaunted, I stood up amongst the sit-inners.
Undaunted, it moved in some just being pulled from under encroaching wheels. I watched, not believing my eyes, but, undaunted. The bus stopped. The doors opened and, in the vernacular of the day, pigs, but with respect, I mean, riot-police, came out. I panicked over and from the sit-inners like a hounded rabbit. Up a Union Square Park ginkgo tree I ran, as best I could, the skinny trunked scaly thing ~ geesis! ~ and feeling safer and undaunted, watched the club swinging melee.

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