11 May 2012

Straight ~ Center

The center snap is the most ignored youth football drill. I was 14, rising into 15, on my all male boarding school freshman football team. I was the 190lb. center. Tucko was the quarterback, he the red-haired 15 year-old jock all around sportsman. We had a working exchange; could snap the ball to Tucko the punter too. It sealed the relationship.
It was symbiotic. I’d squat. Tucko placed his hands above my package; press up, into my cheeks, and scream,
“Hutt, Hutt . . . HUTT!”
My snaps were a serious matter with serious consequences. Once, we were playing Cranbrook School, late into the season and our football relationship, and on a goal line third & none we fumbled our exchange. I recovered for the touchdown.
The relationship continued into next year’s varsity season.

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