14 April 2012

Class Note ~ '69

Dear Roger,

I was sorry to hear of Tredway's death and the death of Hoke's son. Alas, such sadness.
I did make photographic WRA images, for which I still have the negs.
I was the only ‘69 class member who was not profiled senior year in the Reserve Record. I cannot imagine what I'd now report that would peak interest; perhaps a schadenfreude of, “I knew it!”?
I hardly blame editors. I graduated in the lower fifth of the lower fifth of academic rankings. I distinguished myself as socially unskilled, unathletic, introverted, and both too-dull and too-sensitive. I didn’t distinguish myself or excel in a manner any of us might recognize as accomplishment. On the other hand I never was thrown out for the rich-white-boy-behaving-badly sort of thing. 
I did like Laurel girls, and some seemed to like me.
In time I produced photographic images, in all formats, for marketing sales support materials, in studio and any-and-all on-site locations, as well as manage and maintain all operations for in-house black & white and color transparency film processing for a global consumer electronics corporation. I didn’t go on as C.G. did to distinguish myself with vivid journalism images. I walked away from analog images and the digital revolution.
My second wife Angela Sue Livesay and I live in a purple-ish social, economic, and cultural ghetto within Knoxville, TN. Knoxville is delightful and vital. But it’s some sort of Jekyll/Hyde purple-ish urban center, that’s the heart of one of reddest counties in one of the reddest states of the 50. Creationism is alive & well in the majority of people and in government halls of the great State of Tennessee. This despite the fact the region would be economic toast if not for all the Federal and State tax dollars that support deep scientific, technical, engineering, mathematic, military, academic, and athletic institutions. I consider myself part of the cultural force so resented for our triumph and beloved for the wealth of business and commerce that trails behind occupation. LOL! I've lived here 32 years.
My 2 children are alive, healthy, well, and all things considered, thriving. There are many life-traps and there's much life to be thankful for. My son Townsend graduated Magna Cum Laude, political science, from the University of Tennessee. He lives in Charlotte, N.C., is married to a terrific Knoxville gal, and is employed by Mecklenberg County; he's some sort of quantitative analyst. He leaves me in his dust, for which I’m quite thankful.
Today I provide lawn & garden care to folks who don't like to get dirty. I call it 1Man/1Mower. I practice living the baptismal covenant found in The Book of Common Prayer of the Episcopal Church. I’d been deeply immersed in diocesan stewardship formation for the Episcopal diocese of East Tennessee. I’m in my 4th year of practicing Taoist Tai Chi; I recommend it.
I blog at www.sweetwilliamnow.blogspot.com. I practice spiritual renovation and renewal. If a classmate reads it I’m confident it will reinforce an “I knew it!” response. I recall spiritual arts and manual arts playing an ultra minor role in the WRA curriculum; a saddening educational oversight.
Thank you for offering your service to our WRA class of ’69. I think you're perfect!

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