24 April 2012


It had been an abundant day; lots of energy, and I’d spent it. I radiated vigor. I’d competed with a looming rainstorm, and I’d achieved my task ahead of the soaking.
My truck’s wipers don’t operate too good in a drenching. I took shelter under a banks’ 3-lane drive-through teller canopy. It was closed; no worries or traffic, and sitting I waited. I started to chill and stiffen. I got out and began some jongs; twenty of different ones with five sets of twenty Don Yu-s in between; perfect for warding off chill and stiffness.
I was flowin’ and goin’. Within this one-in-a-thousand moment they’re infectious, rain’s flowing down building’s gutters; none had downspouts. The gutter-water-falled to ground; I was pourin and splashin!
I woke, my knee stiffened, `bout locked up. It took a week of recovery.  I was pourin’ out all right. I think therefore I am. I feel therefore I am. I think and feel like 40; my body says, “No, your knee is 62. Snap out of it!” 

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