21 April 2012

Formation's Seed

We were at table, eating food, and visiting. It’s a safe time and place. Conversation turned to Bill Moyers. The Rector was speaking of the veteran journalist, presidential spokesman, social and economic advocate, and chronicler of humanity’s spirit life. Our table companions didn’t know of Moyers. The teacher was enthusiastic and infectious. Our table companions, with their newborn, were interested, maybe curious, to learn more from him.
In 1964 – ‘68, I was too young to see Moyers as LBJ’s press secretary. I grew into Moyer’s resistance to RN’s policies and actions during the time of late Viet Nam and Watergate. I take for granted people know Bill Moyers. Wrong.
“Yeah, he was Johnson’s press secretary, and worked for Nixon,” the Rector said, . . .
I reined in my impulse to correct historical fact; more like stomping it down. The Rector, sitting next to me, turned to me for confirmation. He was including me in the conversation, and so he honored me. I held my silence, busting to escape, in the moment.
 “Yeah, Bill Moyers interviewed Joseph Campbell about his book, The Power of Myth. It’s a great video series!”
I deferred; not to push back; the seekers were learning. All information is better than none; the Rector has standing in our eyes; I do not in theirs. Moyers’ introduction to humanity’s spiritual formations, via The Power of Myth Joseph Campbell interviews, is informative and enchanting. I want seekers to find them. Listening and holding back I feel my age behind me; another era, the people and events of my time, behind me, and unknown, to the seekers. Their baby whimpers, is hungry.
The conversation lasted a moment. The moment moved past. Over a table of food, fellowship, and a flawed historical narrative, spiritual formation’s seed was cultivated. 

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