30 March 2012

Lent List 7 ~ Destiny

What’s my relationship with what I believe is my purpose in life? I think this is akin to the annunciation and Mary's response of "Here I am." My destiny is wrapped up with purpose. My destiny? One was to marry. Another was to father children. Another to be religiously observant. I’m religiously observant. From my experience with my birth family members I cannot imagine where I got this. It feels like DNA encoding. It’s reflected in my experience with the world.
I’d rather spend a day in silent prayer and meditation than attend a sporting event. Experiencing life’s bounty and abundance is delightful for me. It sounds Pollyannish; I’m not Pollyannish.
For instance doing photography was natural to me. Running was natural for me. Singing is natural for me. Being a husband is natural to me. Being a father, a caregiver, was and is natural to me. Writing this, bothering to even try to write an answer to a Lent List inventory question like this, saying this with words, is natural to me. Silent prayer and meditation are natural to me.
Yes, silent and spoken prayer and meditation. This is my destiny. I’m not necessarily good at them, they’re just bits of my calling, my destiny, I’m acting out, and feel quite happy about. My destiny unfolded before me as I lived into my life and maturity. I was blessed to perceive it. Or, to write it differently, transformation within occurs only when those able to listen hear the words. 
It’s the same experience as my son’s passion for University of Tennessee football, or my daughter's passion for Dog/Bounty Hunter. Sometimes I sense he’d be perfectly happy attending UT sporting events, or Caroline watching Dog all day. Really? I’m like, whatever. Their passions are not mine; it’s not my sense of destiny or of my purpose.
My destiny is the sense of fulfillment I feel working my baptismal covenant. Yes, I know; truly I know. I sense and act as if it’s my destiny. It’s my dual path perceived through revelation and lived out by choice. Living the practice is my destiny. Yes, I know, it sounds foolish. It’s not. I can’t help it; oh well. Like breathing, I must, and Im happy and fulfilled when I work to facilitate it.

He wakes me up in the morning,
Wakes me up, opens my ears
   to listen as one ready to take orders.
The Master, God, opened my ears,
   and I didn't go back to sleep,
   didn't pull the covers back over my head.
I followed orders,
   stood there and took it while they beat me,
   held steady while they pulled out my beard,
Didn't dodge their insults,
   faced them as they spit in my face.
And the Master, God, stays right there and helps me,
   so I'm not disgraced.
Therefore I set my face like flint,
   confident that I'll never regret this.
My champion is right here.

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