20 March 2012

Lent List 3 ~ American Culture

In American Culture money, food, alcohol, prescription and non-prescription meds (mfap/np) are presented as something they’re not. Marketing mfap/np’s are rackets. American Culture bombards people with mfap/np’s features, benefits, and images, telling us we're dissatisfied.
American Culture takes mfap/np’s for granted. American Culture is complacent using mfap/np’s. American Culture is shocked by their side effects and ill-effects. American Culture exalts their illusion. American Culture denies their reality. The marketeers' American Culture manufactures delusions of desire and then satisfies manufactured needs. The marketeers' American Culture is complacent and weak.
There’ve been times I’ve been physically, mentally, intellectually, and spiritually complacent and weak. This coming from a man who has an abundance of the marketeers' American Cultural resources.
I’ve written about money here. I enjoy having and using money. I like to eat; food and flavor are motivators and a joy. I take some alcohol; I do not drink. I do not care for prescription or non-prescription drugs; they’re costly; I use ‘em if necessary. I see mfap/np’s reality. I understand mfap/np’s purposes; I don’t exalt mfap/np’s illusions. I don’t delude myself using mfap/np’s.
I slip in and out of sleepiness and denial. I’m a recovering adult child of two alcoholics. I pray. I ask for guidance. I forgive myself. I give thanks. I let got. I move on. I accept and do the work my Higher Power has given me to do.

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