22 February 2012


My work is customer driven piecework one yard at a time. My perceptions are gleaned from 3 years work. They offer context to serve clarity.

I hope for payment upon completion. I accept cash, check, or PayPal. If you choose PayPal please add $10 for PayPal transaction fees. I do not expect payment if I cannot, or do not, complete your task.
Service Relation
I work for you; I try to respond to your needs. I hope to build trust, relationship, and provide pleasing tended result for you. I'm steady and deliberate. You offer your investment. I offer my labor with my brain. If you need, or think you might want a lawn or garden care task performed lets have a conversation. If you seek instant results I'm not your man. 
I perform a “what we seem to agree to and what you see in the end is what I’ve provided” service. I'm not picky; picky is time consuming and costly. I aim for thorough and I don’t rush; it’s usually too hot to rush.
In peak season I serve 2 customers per day, 3 per day if demand and weather is favorable, and I know the property; most properties require 2 to 3 hours; new properties always longer. Your first come/first serve contact is one foundation for my schedule. If you have deadline you must tell me. You must tell me; I failed Mind Reading 101 at NYU. I will do all I’m able to to meet the deadline. I will tell you if I'm unable to. At times, alas, I miss declared appointments. I don’t like this. It pushes everyone’s lawn and garden care back and adds difficulty to subsequent jobs.
I use a push mower and a push/self-propelled 22” adjustable-height Honda mower. This year, 2012, I have a 42” riding mower available.
I do not control the many work conditions. I can manage, yes. Management is time and expense without income.

·      Weather
I can't control weather. I misinterpret forecasts. Radar is no guarantee. I've mowed in rain; it's a bummer.
·      Gas
I can’t control gas prices. Gasoline’s market price is my #1 expense.
·      Equipment Failure
I can't control truck and equipment failures. Equipment failure and repair is my #2 expense. They stop all work; I don’t work I don’t earn income. If I can learn the repair it eats time. If I pay for repair it eats time and gobbles-up cash.
·      Order of Work
I can’t control your, “Oh by the way . . .” last minute add-on requests; I’m wary of them though. They enable confusion and impinge on my schedules for other customers, thus my credibility. The absence of clarity retards completing work, going to my next customer, and earnings. It’s best if we plan ahead.
·      Stamina
I can’t control my physical and mental stamina; I manage it. I can’t control when I need to rest; being physically and mentally depleted is cumulative and dangerous. I'm 61. At times I just need to rest.

If you’ve read this far please know my goal is to offer a reliable, thrifty, and timely lawn and garden care service. I love being outdoors. I like the labor and feel alive when I’m working. A tended yard and grounds are a simple pleasure to see and live with. I hope my customers feel the same; most keep calling me back. I enjoy my customers too. At days’ end I’m thankful for the labor and what I earned. It’s the simple pleasure of your character that truly remains.  


  1. "They offer context to serve clarity." I'm taking that with me. Nice turn of phrase.