02 January 2012


I wear glasses; worn ‘em since I was 15. I couldn't see without ‘em. I could read without ‘em but I couldn't learn without ‘em. I like my glasses and I like clarity. I learned to express and assert myself with glasses. I trained to look, to observe, and to see. I earned a living with my eyes and my glasses as a photographer; attention to technical and visual detail was premium. I’d separate disparate details to build a set, unify them into a visual set in a camera, and make an image in a photograph. I don’t make images now. My glasses, my sight, my mind, and me? We’re still symbiotic.
I sometimes remove my glasses to rest. I don’t mean to sleep. I always take them off to sleep, respectfully place them in reach; it’s a ritual. I do mean to see blurring, deliberately smearing my vision. I get bored, at times, with visual details. I see detail; it’s cluttering. 
Monet painted what he saw; he painted blurring detail and shimmery color. Brilliant! I like to see blurring detail and shimmery color. It's a relief.

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  1. Monet did paint chi....
    chi is beautiful.....
    Happy New Year.