26 January 2012


When I was 14 I was awarded a book prize for creative writing, Modern Library’s, Great Tales of Terror and the Supernatural. It was presented in front of the entire school. I'm educated and I've had some training. I’ve been told over the years,
You write well, or
You should write your stories down, or
Have you ever thought of writing for teenagers? or
You have something to say.
I think, Really? Not what I've got to say. 
OK. I got nothin’ but time. I give myself permission, and I start to write, test it out. I posted on blogspot.com’s platform; it’s easy and public. I presumed there’d be a reader. I thought, It’self-selecting; that was liberating because I thought, Nobody’s going to read what I've got to say. I gave myself permission. William Accorsi told me, 
The hardest part is to give yourself permission.
Blogspot aggregates SweetWilliamNow’s hits into “audience” and “ranks” my posts in real time; daily, weekly, monthly, and annual numbers. Now I know there are readers.

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