12 December 2011

Grass 2

The grass is real. My customer is real. I was paid real money to sow and tend it for him.
I sliced the ground. I dethatched it, and I raked it. I planted two kinds of seed. I fertilized it all. I lay down straw. I watered; later I’d water again and again. Feeling and thinking I'd done all I could for seed to germinate, root, and grow, I turned away and let it all go.
It was early evening in a rush of feeling I'm thankful, hopeful, apprehensive, tired, and terrific, so why not, and I opened my prayer book. There standing in the street at my truck I pray. I say aloud the devotion for early evening's time and speak the words to behold the vesper light.
I prayed for the light. I like evening light when evening star is first seen. I prayed for the natural order. I spoke for knowledge of God's Creation, for conservation of natural resources, for harvest of land and water. I spoke for new growth and rain. I spoke for the future of the human race. I spoke for my customer who's ailing and alone. I prayed thanksgiving for the hushed evening quiet and space when my labor is done.

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  1. Always we pray...for we are the prayer when we walk in gratitude.
    Happy Christmas.