22 November 2011

Taoist Tai Chi ~ 2

Claire is a dazzling practitioner. Her tai chi is luxuriant: plush, creamy, seductive. Gentle energy beams from within. She has an unusually flexible spine, and the movement issues directly out of that deep source, entraining her whole body. It's not feet there, hands here. It's fluid movement, a continuous stream of chi.
Apart from this unity of moving body & spirit, the most striking thing about Claire is her "expressiveness." I watched her set; it was the first time I saw a complete set. The concentrated power in motion enchanted me; power and motion were one. She likes to move, and she thinks that's what she's doing. We think what we're seeing is movement. Actually, what she's doing is concentrating chi in her spine, so her tai chi comes out appearing as movement, but is really not movement at all. What we're seeing is chi.

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