14 November 2011


Am I successful? It rises in me like a tide and settles. I bob in the sea of the other's ocean of success. I get no satisfaction. I try, and I try, and I'm not satisfied. It's so boring.
My remedy is honesty. I know how to lie. I have lied, used as a survival tool. I know when I do it. I feel it, I tingle, and I don't like it. Plain simple honesty is best. I'm successful when I'm open and honest with myself and everyone else. I hope others respect and trust their sense of simple honesty. If other's don't like it, well, I let go; I move on.
My other remedy is persistence. A dear friend told me aggression is the stubborn persistence at getting what one wants. A civilized articulation, that, not one flakked about in capitalist and cultural medias. Persistence mostly comes from within. It can be learned; it's cultivated and practiced by the willing student and the compassionate teacher. The student must be ready. It's difficult, it's laborious, and sometimes painful. It's often unrecognized. Success is unknown without persistence. Its reward is only revealed in the fullness of ones effort.
Money does not replace persistence. Talent does not replace persistence. Genius does not replace persistence. Education does not replace persistence. Family, friends, and social networks do not replace persistence. Physical and mental health do not replace persistence, nor do the wonders of the medical arts and sciences; scientific discovery does not exist without persistence. Social customs and mores do not replace persistence. Spiritual observance does not replace persistence, though cultivating godly faith and a practicing belief in a higher power fuel persistence. Honesty and persistence, and practice, practice, practice, is success.

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