29 September 2011

Random 5

I can't keep from singing. 

I'm in church choir from time to time. One of my natural gifts is musical. I'm blessed with tonal memory and pitch discrimination. I'm blessed with rhythm memory too, but not strong. My pitch and tonal gifts are in high 90% percentiles. The aptitude was measured by the Johnson O'Connor Research Foundation. The foundation is the place to systematically determine your natural gifts. Johnson O'Connor calls them aptitudes. Yes there is a process to reveal and measure aptitudes. And I like to sing. In fact I'm happier when I sing. If I don't sing I'm not using my gifts; I'm incomplete, and more probable I’m unhappy. Baptist preacher Robert Lowry wrote the tune and lyric as a church hymn. The tune has been covered by lots of folks, many have composed their own lyrics. I like this How Can I Keep From Singing link's lyrics and liner notes.

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