17 August 2011


Once upon a time I was walking a path. I stumbled, I fell, and I was in a dark place. I couldn’t see. I was scared. After ages I figured I’d fallen into a cavern. I couldn’t get out and I felt forgotten. After a long time I did get out. I needed a lot of help to get out. There were people and dogs. I didn’t like it. It was awful.

The very next day I was on the same path watching the white clouds in the blue sky. All of a sudden I was at the bottom of the hole. I knew where I was. I’d been there yesterday. But I couldn’t get out. I didn’t know how to get out. I got cold and shivered. I got hungry and I felt tired and lonely. I couldn’t see. I cried. Buddy heard me.

And the next day I was on the same path. I fell into the same hole. Again! I remembered how to get out. I looked up, and I called, “Buuuuh-Deeee.” I waited. I looked up and I could see bright sunlight but then my hole seemed darker. I couldn’t see. I called “Buuuuh-Deeee.” I listened then I called again, “Buuuuh-Deeee.” I whistled. After forever I got tired. I got cold and shivered. I felt lonely and I didn’t know what to do and I said, “This is the third time.”

“Wooo, wooo, Roofff!” Buddy heard me and brought help.

Thursday I walked again. Buddy was with me. I threw a red ball and Buddy brought it to me. I felt happy with Buddy. It was sunny, and Buddy was running with the ball. He stopped and started baying and barking. “Wooo, wooo, Roofff!” He stood still, barking. I kept walking,

“C’mon, Buddy.” I said.

I remembered my hole. I remembered I’d fallen it, and I got closer and I even saw it. I remembered I was afraid and confused and sad in there, and Buddy was barking, and I turned around, and, I fell in again!

“I know the way out now,” I thought with pride. “I can do this.”

“Buddy! Go get help.”

“Wooo, wooo,” he bayed. Roofff!” Buddy stood looking down at me.

“Buddy! Get help!”

Buddy barked and barked for a long time, and got tired out and looked at me from the top my hole. I got tired and the light got dark. I got hungry. I felt tired and lonely and sad. I couldn’t see. I cried myself asleep.

“Wooo, wooo! Roofff!”

I looked up; there was Buddy and in the light.

Buddy was barking loud!

“Rufff, Rufff!”

I heard, “Hush dog!”

“Well, Saint’s be praised! So this is your cavern hole?”

And then, “Willis MaGee! Wha’-tar-ya doin’ down thar in the dark place?”

Mr. O’Connell got me out quickly. He brought Buddy and me home for apple pie. Buddy eats apple pie. I was surprised. Mrs. O’Connell said, “Now, don’t ye go down that path agin. We’re tarrd of fishin’ ye out.”

“Buddy‘ll get me out,” I said.

“Don’ be smart-mouthin’ me with ye malarky, Willis MaGee. T’sure, Buddy shines to ya, but ye try that path again, and . . . ye may have no apple pie!”

Saturday I saw my hole from a ways off. Buddy and I were walking and playing ball. Buddy started barking, “Roofff, Roofff!” I felt proud I saw my hole. I wasn’t afraid. We got closer and Buddy barked.

“Yes, Buddy, I see, I see. Shhhh, shhh, shhh.”

I walked to the edge, brave, Buddy barking a fury, “Rufff, Roofff, Rufff!”

“Hush, Buddy,” I say.

I look down in my hole. I get dizzy. I wobble and weave, breath fast, and in a flash, I start to tumble.

“Ouch! You bite me, Buddy?”

I didn’t fall in.

On Sunday Buddy takes me on another path.

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