14 July 2011

Water in the Garden

It’s July, and it’s hot and humid. I drink water, pouring it into me, and it sweats out. Hydrating is essential, or in the night I cramp-up, and it’s a painful cost.

All customers are considerate of the work I do, and the heat and humidity I work in, and all my customers ask me if I’d like water to drink. Often I say, “No, thank you.” I bring cold water to drink, and I purchase and drink orange juice and electrolyte replacement fluids.

I have a few customers who don’t ask, and who don’t give the choice, the choice to say “ Yes, thank you” or “No, thank you.” They give me water, literally, glass full of water in their extended hand in front of me. I always take it, drink it, and say, “Thank You.” And often it's a time we visit.

My work is a lawn & garden care service. All my customers are vital, and all my customers are considerate. I hold my customers in relation to me, and if not for my customers I don’t work or earn income. All my customers pay me for the work I do; I am glad of that. I know my customers are compassionate. All my customers ask me to drink; some hold the glass of water in front of my eyes.

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