05 April 2011

Stewardship: My Boast

I deliberately began responding to God’s call after I became a Daddy, and I felt church attendance wasn’t enough. I wanted a Godly life beyond bricks & mortar, and one response was to start to live my question, “How do I act out God’s call?” I’m guy who reads the book, how to Be a Monastic and not Leave Your Day Job. I’m the guy doing The Book of Common Prayer daily devotion, and I’m the guy practicing and singing in the choir, and I’m the guy on Vestry or Finance Committee, and I’m the Stephen Minister. I’m the guy who was employed as a church secretary for 8 years. I’m the guy who introduced my parish-wide planned giving and end-of-life-planning conversation, and I’m the guy who’s been trained as a stewardship mentor, one of nine in our diocese. I'm a guy who does stewardship.

I could've gone on, thankfully I stopped. I'm just too aware of boasting, and I'm torn about it. On the one hand if there ever was a venue for proclaiming what one person can do this would've been it. On the other hand, in a secular culture consumed and addicted to boasts and proclaimations, which I really just don't care for, I started to cross a line. Thankfully, I stopped.

Well I proclaimed thusly for it was an appropriate occasion for it: a conference supported by the church, self-selected by church attendees, to be encouraged and supported in their personal and corporate parish efforts to learn about, and hopefully, do stewardship. I don't go 'round proclaiming what I do just for my sake. I admit I do take pride in my efforts, I'm proud; please forgive me, but it's not like folks flock to me to touch the hem of my garment, thank God.

And, if you've read this far, you may wonder, OK, I forgive the boasting guy proclaiming on the street-corner, but, what is stewardship, and how do I do it, for me, and for the benefit of my church?

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