01 December 2010


Allie's a game gal, that one.

Happy to be out of a veterinary kennel, a liberation perhaps, but, once Allie saw the V-wagon, was afraid and trembling. Once in, she cowered to floor; once I started to drive she clung any part of herself she could put onto me. Ohh this breaks my heart.

Motion sickness was a problem; later, it was evident she'd had a full meal. She cowered to fit into an unsoiled spot. I pulled off, cleaned up; we walked a bit. Allie's afraid of the cars zooming by but happy to be outdoors, or out of wagon. We're stopped on deep country road amidst beautiful valley surrounded by late fall-color hillsides. Allie calmed down. I made the pix. Do you see the wariness?

I drive with windows down, most times; I like the feeling of the air. Then more curvy road, Allie spews, and, then, she's just tired out, lays still, head and nose near her spew.

Arrived at Lynn's way-station 'bout 5pm. Allie could not have received a more joyous welcome by the rescued Mobile, AL., heinzy pack Lynn's harboring. Allie was welcomed with a choir of yips, yelps, and barks, and she's clearly into her doggie heaven. Lynn has created a caring St. Regis layout and lair for these travelin' dogs in need of forever homes.

I too was welcomed by the pack with yelps and yips, licks and kisses, all so happy to be in the liberating and open company of care giving humans. My, my, I've never received such a welcome; it brought a big ole grin into my heart.

Allies seems an ambivalent and conflicted creature; clearly mistreated; what was a whole-body mange, according to rescuing veterinary, now almost gone; she'll be happy at Lynn's. Doggie deserves it. I'm filled with a joy.

Thanks to the airedalers, http://www.airedalerescuegroup.com, for calling upon me.

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