21 August 2010

Ordinary Time

Summertime is ordinary church time, a season of doing, mostly outside. I look outward, bein’ away from church for a time, and choir for the summer. For you, maybe vacationin’ or travelin’ afar, maybe sittin’ round with nothin’ goin’ on, stayin’ connected but mostly bein’ with your kids and family, grillin’ & chillin’, maybe doin’ church worship but not so much focused inside church life. It’s a season of relaxin’ away from church life.

My ordinary time is a growth season; a time when plants grow, no matter the heat, and must be cared for, regularly watered and fed, mowed or pruned, if one wants to nurture them. I work outdoors, in yards, doing lawn-care. It’s piecework a yard at a time. It’s an earnings season, a time that supports the waxing fall season and waning fallow winter season until spring. I work the growing season now. I plan for the fallow season now.

Finance Committee, a committee of Vestry, has three primary tasks. One task is properly account for, oversee, and report all financial transactions, and nurture financial resources. Another task is to envision an operating budget for
St. James’ mission & ministries, and all mission & ministry support personnel, operations, and facilities. The third task is to invite all St. James’ people into the financial planning process.

I invite you to prepare and plan now as you live into the coming days with the link to this booklet,
Spirituality and Money: 7 Questions That Saved My Spiritual Life.

If you choose for it to be so, this booklet can be your prayerful tool in your preparation for your response to St. James’ 2011 annual giving asking. It may serve as a part in your personal daily prayer and study or a part of your Sabbath time. I hope it might prompt a Holy Conversation within you on your relationship with God’s call to you and your relationship with St. James Church.

“Relationship is what ministry is about.” said the Father John Mark, in Saint James’ March, 2010, “The Shepherd’s Voice.” He wrote,
We come together as a community seeking relationship with God. We find that relationship in worship, service, and in sharing life together. The heart of doing ministry is our calling others into relationship with God.
God is calling you. I suggest fellowship at St. James is your response to God’s call within you. You respond in St. James Church to His call within you. It’s a holy call and it’s a holy response. Your response is God’s transformation within you. It’s your heart that calls others to St. James. Your response is you transforming St. James’ life. It’s your community of worship. It’s your community of service, ministry, and fellowship.

I encourage you to ponder
Spirituality and Money: 7 Questions That Saved My Spiritual Life.

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