03 April 2010


Spice is a lady, and was so on our transport.

Tessa, in the wagon first, was possessive of a bone she had and was unwelcoming to Spice. The v-tek and I, somehow, managed to put Spice in the crate, Tessa makin’ a growlin’ rowdy fuss 'bout the bone all the while; shout out to CM for the crate; coulda' been a little come to jesus meetin' right off. Spice seemed to harrumph, good lord another loud mouth, turned her back, lay right down, and all was well, with minimal shoutin' from the ladys' chauffeur.

Tessa just gnashed on that bone. After a time, I got tired of hearing her workin' that bone. I took it away, no fuss, thank god for the quiet; gives a meaning to biblical gnashing by teeth. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph it was loud. After that Tessa warmed up, she lay down, rolled over, and wanted to play. Spice sniffed the air and listened to T's importuning. Spice gave Tessa her back.

So later I stopped for all types of relief. I walked Tess first double leashed. I gave Spice a longer walk 'round the brand new TN Welcome Center on I-26 east. Hardly anyone there but a few big-rigs. She was quite comfy to me with the leash looped round her neck; no collar and she reassured me right away just walkin' with me.

Spice just stole my heart. She stayed close, happy to be out and about. The tips of her ears bounced up and down as she walked, pranced, on her paws; I could hear her nails click the concrete. She seemed to push out her front legs, as a football majorette might of a 1/2-time marching band, rather than lift them up. She was all show and very happy to be walkin' ‘bout. A big rig was slowly pullin' out; the driver waived at her. I knew it wasn't for me 'cause no one was ever cheerin' for the ass. A scene-stealer that Spice, a confident happy dog.

Thanks for the gig, very nice.

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