07 August 2009

Random 2

I'm from Connecticut. My mother's birth family, Savage, lived in CT since 1649 and some still do. The Savage clan had a farm in Berlin. My father's family, Collins, had lived in CT since the late 19th century. They were railroaders. Some were active in local CT politics. His Uncle was a Mayor of the City of Hartford. His brother, James F. Collins ran for Congress but lost; my father financed his campaign.

Every summer our household moved from West Hartford to Madison, CT. for the season. We lived a 5-minute walk from a private beach on Long Island Sound. I lived my summers at the beach, on or in the water. Fresh seafood and farm food were part of daily life.

My family moved to Dayton, OH in 1959 when I was 8. We continued to summer in  Madison. My parents returned to Hartford in 1965 after I'd been sent to school.

Before 1965 my social, cultural, class, and educational frames of reference were in CT. My Mother, her birth family and generations of her relatives, my brother and my Father are buried in the Wilcox Memorial Cemetery, in Berlin, CT. It's maintained by the Connecticut State Historical Society.

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