13 July 2009

Sweet William

I am the youngest child of three.
I am a Connecticut Yankee.
I am a father of two.

My first wife picked me up in a bar.
My second wife picked me up in a church.

I sang in church choir from time to time.
I attended private school for almost all my education.
I made toys with artist William Accorsi.
I love New York City; I lived there.
I drove a taxi in NYC.
I have a BA in the History and Literature of Religion.
I was a professional-photographer.
I like to write; some folks are complimentary.
I am an Eagle Scout.
My lottery# was 348.
I worked as a church secretary.
I spent every summer at the beach until I was 12.
I apprenticed at the Woodstock Summer Playhouse. Diane Keaton was there; w
e knew she'd be a star.

My maternal grandpa was a fruit and poultry farmer.
My paternal grandpa was a railroad engineer.

I bought tickets for the Woodstock Music & Arts Festival.
I walked out of the Woodstock Music & Arts Festival.
I like the Benedictine order for living. I need a sense of community.
I worked at Sotheby's Auction House.
I had 4 years of ballroom dancing as a youth.
I like cycling; I used to cycle everywhere.
I mow lawns to earn money.

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