26 July 2009

America's Cup '62 ~ "Weatherly" vs. "Gretel"

A long time ago, September, 1962, in what now feels like another era, my family attended an America’s Cup Regatta race on Narragansett Bay, off Newport, RI. I was 11. We were on “R.I.P” our family cruiser. It was a Huckins, descendant of WWII PT-boats. It had twin diesel engines and balls of power.
There were hundreds of vessels, all shapes and sizes, everyone bobbing, straining for binocular glimpses of Weatherly and the Aussie’s Gretel, all while trying to stay out of each others way.

Suddenly, to me, a U.S. Navy ship, might as well have been a destroyer, was bearing down on us, sailors lining the rail, watching the spectacle and the race, me bug-eyed, and the ship blasting a verbal shot across our bow, “Give way, Give way.”

I was sitting on R.I.P's bow. The destroyer, closing on us, was grey-metal and massive.

My father screamed a “We don’t move! You move!” to the delight of all sailors cheering my father's defiance.

I don't know who won the race. Gretel won once in a rough and windy sea. Weatherely, the last wooden yacht used in the Cup's defense, took four to win the Cup. The next summer my father ran R.I.P aground in the Connecticut River and she sank.

15 July 2009

Stewardship into Day-to-Day Living

My actions are my only true belongings. I cannot escape the consequences of my actions. My actions are the ground on which I stand. Stewardship is action. Stewardship is doing. Stewardship is transformation.

Stewardship is weaving my day to day living with my beliefs.
  • Be an ambassador for Christ: 2 Corinthians: 16-21
  • Give of my treasure to the Body of Christ or a Church
  • Work towards the tithe
Christian stewardship is weaving my day to day living into the church.
  • Eucharist once a week
  • Prayer / Lectio Divina
  • Volunteer in service to another
  • Study / Reflection / Lectio Divina
  • Labor / Work
  • Teaching / Lectio Divina
  • Witness / speaking out; publicly articulating my faith
  • Writing / Reflection / Lectio Divina
  • Music / instrument or choir
  • Practice hospitality
  • Renewal / exercise
Stewardship is to be
  • intentional & conscious; a doer
  • patient & flexible
  • modest and simple, without ostentation
  • persistent
Stewardship is to sacrifice

  • egocentric creature comforts; feather bedding
  • my ego for the welfare of an other's being
Stewardship is forgiveness
  • when I falter be forgiving of my self
  • when another falters be forgiving of their self

14 July 2009

Random 1

I was born into my family hierarchy as a follower. I am the youngest of three. My father called my older brother #1 son, a la Charlie Chan, and called me #2 son. I don't recall he ever called our oldest sister #1 daughter. My dad would've seen Charlie Chan and I suspect he'd have liked the character. My dad was the oldest in his family, and my mom was the oldest in hers. I speculate that, as all were distinct alphas, they competed to tell me what to do. I'm a natural introvert and they all are/were natural extroverts. As the youngest, aka "the baby", I didn't know anything. I grew up feeling beset upon.

When I recently told my sister I'd signed up on FB and had 60 friends she said, "Really!"
Sensing a competitive edge in her surprise I said, "Tara . . . It's not a competition."
"It's not? Oh yes it is!," she said.

Well I was competitive too. Later on I parried my positioning by not doing what my brother did. It was easy not to follow his mistakes. And I listened to them too. Making my own choices was singular, but because they were only mine I couldn't pin a tail on their donkey. I grew and separated it didn't kept my brother, for a time, from following me. I never saw his emulation as a complement. The great equalizer was our parents proclaiming, "You're all equal." Never looked like that to me when their view of me as the tag-along and the baby never changed.

13 July 2009

Sweet William

I am the youngest child of three.
I am a Connecticut Yankee.
I am a father of two.

My first wife picked me up in a bar.
My second wife picked me up in a church.

I sang in church choir from time to time.
I attended private school for almost all my education.
I made toys with artist William Accorsi.
I love New York City; I lived there.
I drove a taxi in NYC.
I have a BA in the History and Literature of Religion.
I was a professional-photographer.
I like to write; some folks are complimentary.
I am an Eagle Scout.
My lottery# was 348.
I worked as a church secretary.
I spent every summer at the beach until I was 12.
I apprenticed at the Woodstock Summer Playhouse. Diane Keaton was there; w
e knew she'd be a star.

My maternal grandpa was a fruit and poultry farmer.
My paternal grandpa was a railroad engineer.

I bought tickets for the Woodstock Music & Arts Festival.
I walked out of the Woodstock Music & Arts Festival.
I like the Benedictine order for living. I need a sense of community.
I worked at Sotheby's Auction House.
I had 4 years of ballroom dancing as a youth.
I like cycling; I used to cycle everywhere.
I mow lawns to earn money.