02 June 2009


"I love your blog, it's a little wordy, but it's how I keep up with you!" Tara enthused. Me? I can't believe I've more than 2 readers, in a good month maybe 3. My blog breaks every design suggestion for increasing readership. Question does my blog count my logging on as a visit? If so I alone maintain the 80 / 20 principle. 80% of visits are from me. I can only shake my head.

Here are 7 citations; each could serve as a muse.

Ordinary people and cyclists persevere next to each other under extraordinary conditions. Cyclists are the only athletes who permit their fans right next to them while competing. This happens in no other professional sport.

The only people you are talking too is your self. No one else really cares except your beloveds.

"Sing, Brain, Sing"
I like to sing. I'm blessed.

The university liberal arts educational system is a con. Nobody cares about BA's BS's or MS's, MBA's because the markets are flooded with us. GM is in backruptcy and the educational system is round the corner.

Well, no I didn't, but I did push him around a few times and came pretty damm close to hitting him. He backed down. I wouldn't have.

Just what are the gifts and stories we are blessed with? Do we exchange them? I'm not talking Christmas gifts here.

My father terrified me with the threat to send me to "technical school" because I used to get 98's in industrial arts and 68's in grammar. He sent me to summer school to remediate my grammar and I had to practice handwriting too. Yes handwriting.

Any one of these articles might serve as my muse. Usually its a phrase or a sentence or a circumstance that moves me to write. There's a message in what I read but unless I explain it there's has no chance of anyone hearing it.

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