29 June 2009


I've taken my FB page down, for now. It's like looking in the mirror; it's boring. And it's a conceit to "use" it a marketing tool. And, yes, as a marketing tool it's effective, it's a diary, and it's a small one. But only if a person chooses to read it. For anyone else, except the IRS and the NSA, who cares?

If Melville or London used FB it would've turned out to be fascinating. In the end maybe Melville and London scholars, devotees, and students called upon to write term papers about Moby Dick and White Fang might care. And not that those intellectual endeavors wouldn't make for illuminating insight and reading.

And besides FB claims it "owns" my pix once I've uploaded them. Mmmmm, I don't think so Facebook. Mmmmm, does that means it "owns" my ideas and thoughts I've posted too? Mmmmm, I don't think so Facebook. I'm not that insightful and my writing isn't that profound.

See ya!

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