08 June 2009

1Man/1Mower at 8 Weeks

I decided to venture into 1Man / 1Mower because
  • I can work outdoors
  • I like to mow
  • I like to use and learn about the machinery and its vocabulary
  • Health is an asset I can rely upon now and lawn care helps me sustain physical activity
  • I felt I could grow into the work and study of it over the next 10 to 15 years.
The 8 week results are in and it's a start, we all have to start somewhere, but there's lots of room for improvements.

  • 10 customers
  • 3 active sustaining customers, bread and butter investors, repeaters
  • 4 or 5  churners, folks who said yes, or maybe so, and ultimately after one mow or no mow, a no thank you
  • 1 charity mow
  • 1 whom I declined ~ fee vs. costs for job
  • 0 deadbeats
  • an abundance of well wishers
  • Reliability
  • Provide Value for customer's expense
  • Added Value I bring to "lawn care"
  • I own a run-down 26 year old Ford F-150 truck that runs good enough
  • I keep equipment expenses low
  • Revenue; it's low, a trickle, but it's more than I had 12 months ago!
  • Customers grip pricing regardless of providers' costs
  • Pricing: it's not correlated to yard size or terrain
  • Pricing: it's somewhat correlated to geographic/neighborhood location
  • 90% of competitors have a $15,000 lawn care equipment investment, w/o the truck!
  • Coping with equipment breakdowns and repair costs.
  • Finding customers and/or getting an introduction for a "foot in the door" for a tryout.
  • Developing sustaining customers.
  • Nurturing a customer/provider relationship.

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