16 April 2009

Sign of the Times

I'm fortunate, at the age of 58, to have the resources to begin to do work I've never done before. It's a paradigm shift for me. I call the work 1Man / 1Mower. It's yard work. I enjoy it, people pay $$$$ in return for my labor, I get exercise, I work outdoors, and I'm learning new stuff. So it's a positive personal 5-Star paradigm shift.

I've been letting my grass grow, waiting, so to mow it high. Yesterday a young woman came to our front door asking,
"Can I mow your grass please?"
"I'm so sorry. I do it myself. I've been out of work now for 15 months."
"Yeah," she said bewildered, "these are crazy times."
"I know; I'm so sorry." And she walked on.

Oh dear, now I'm sorry, I should've said, "Sure!"

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