24 April 2009

Saint George Island ~ Leisure

Leisure is thankful, being thankful, the abundant resources in our lives when many lose or have never known it. Leisure is how do we do thankful.

We're heading down through flat western Georgia peanut, walnut, pecan country, below the southern Appalachian mountain chain terminus to the gulf. It's breezy warm day cool night and all sound of high and low water tides whipped to surf by wind curling breaking out into bu-gurgling foaming sound down to fizz, again and again, into crushed shell sand shore.

Leisure is watching nothing seeing everything. Leisure is surf breaking listening. Leisure is on the beach until I get itchy, walking until I feel I've walked enough, turning over to return where I began. Leisure is reading. Leisure is eating fresh . . . shrimp. Leisure is shelling with my honey pie. Leisure is a cold one. Leisure is hot, hot, and hot! Leisure is feeling skin burn covering up feeling skin tan. Leisure is old days gone to memory.

Leisure is the leatherback sea turtle flippers digging laying eggs watching return home for the first time, probably my only time.

Leisure is seeing the dying retriever with unseeing eyes lying in surf washing over for last time owner lays hands on tells her story. Leisure is listening. Leisure is the ear of my heart. Leisure is walking under round surf cast lines or stepping on the whole unbroken sand dollar. Leisure is finding a tiny seahorse washed ashore placing on concrete a week watching ants leaving the luminescent skeleton.
Leisure is while being in health. Leisure is feeling sun hearing wind seeing surf tasting shrimp swimming in gulfs’ ocean. Leisure is the long gentle arc of light blue dark blue horizon line so big so wide so unbroken ~ but by morning shrimp boats or afternoon jets ~ that scares the afar friend but comforts me.

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