25 March 2009

Checklist for Lent ~ Question Four

What is my relationship to my body, my emotions, and my mind?

I take my body for granted. My emotions are my mind’s thermometer and barometer. My mind, by which I mean my ability for reason, analysis, and my experience memory warehouse, is my partner and emotional and rational governor.
I'm blessed with health, cardio-vascular stamina, hand/eye coordination, muscle memory, strength, and persistence. I take my abundance of health for granted. When my body & I have been stunned or shaken, and I'm talkin’ surgeries, broken bones, mental imbalance, I've been able to summon the medical care, will and perseverance to nurture my body and mind back to symbiosis. My body, mind, and emotions are integrated and symbiotic. I take care of my physical being, but, from time to time, I'm rude to my body. I am conscious of this. I've never abused my body; it hurts too much. I never was an athlete; I couldn't bear coaches yelling at me. I found the on-field experience disorienting. I'm a solo guy.
I have a tolerance for physical discomfort but it's been self-taught and an acquired, cultivated skill. I have a tolerance for pain in my mind too, and if there’s my mind’s deficiency is a predilection to depression’s tidal ebb and flow. I manage it. I treat it.
My emotions are my antennae. I like them. I trust my emotions. I don't wear them on my sleeve but I don't mask them. There's no mystery about my feelings; I express them; they’re plain to see, hear, and experience. This is intimidating to many, which I’ve successfully learned to manage as I’ve aged and matured; no fun intimidating folks.
I'm not the brightest bulb in the IQ chandelier. I've an active mind, but I must push myself to settle down in order to reason. If I’m angry I’ve no problem unleashing my reason and emotion. This is an unsuccessful social skill. I can sit still for ‘bout 90 – 120 minutes, then I got to move. Being in motion helps my reasoning skill. I’ve a need for knowledge, i.e. I need to know the why of stuff. I’m blessed with the gift to learn from my errors; I learn best by doing. I’m not a quant; they’re dorky and cold; I admire the gift; I admire the gift of linear reason and logic. My admiration is insufficient to overcome my dislike of a quants’ seeming alienation from their emotions.

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