06 March 2009

1 Man / 1 Mower

This year I begin 1 Man/1 Mower.
1 Man/1 Mower is a lawn care service; trim, mow, and blow.

I like to mow, it's something I know how to do, and I like to be outdoors.

I know I'll be outdoors, not in an office.
I know I'll be getting exercise.
I know I'll be driving an old '84 brown Ford 150 truck; it's a V-8, 302 cubic inch engine. I test drove it today. I forgot to check the windshield wipers.

Ron Manis of Ron Manis Auto on Clinton Highway found it for me. Ron Manis is one fine car dealer. Ain't no one like Ron Manis. He specializes in Volvos. Michelle Goad is his mechanic. Her dad teaches auto mechanic school in KY. Ron and Michelle are terrific.

I know I'll have an old trimmer and blower.
I know I'll have a new mower; maybe a Honda. I've got to get a new mower anyway for our yard. I've had a Murray for 5 years now and it's literally falling apart as I mow. It threw off a whole piece of metal from its underside last fall while I was mulching leaves and twigs.

I know I must get a business license.
I know I must get liability and life insurance. If I kick up a stone and break a window I need insurance for that. If I have a heart attack in the 90 degree heat and humidity of the East Tennessee summer and die I want to leave some money for my honey.
I guess I must get some equipment insurance and add the truck to our auto insurance.
So I figure with all this insurance I may be have to work three months just to cover my costs.
I know I'll be trimming, mowing, and blowing . . . for a fee.

It's an experryment.
What has possessed me?
I've no idea; I've just gotta move.

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