13 November 2008

Office Man

If you hire an office man for your staff use him to your best advantage. Here are twelve man tips for getting more productivity out of your office man.
  1. Select a young married man.  He usually has more of a sense of responsibility than his unmarried brothers, he's less likely to flirt, he needs the work, and he still has lots and lots of energy to work hard.
  2. When you must use an older man try to get a man who's worked indoors before.  An older man who's not worked with women in an office before, or who has not worked with the public before, has a hard time adapting himself, and is inclined to be irritable or cantankerous. It's always important to impress upon a man the value of being courteous and friendly to customers.
  3. General experience demonstrates that "husky" guys - those who're just a little bigger and plumper - are more even tempered and efficient than their underweight brothers.
  4. Retain a clinician to give each hired man a special examination - one covering male mental conditions like impulse control or physical conditions like excessive muscle buildup. This step may help protect the company against future sexual harassment lawsuits.  It may also reveal whether the employee-to-be has any man weaknesses that would make him unfit for the job.
  5. Stress at the outset the importance of organization and time management.  A man is easily distracted and a minute lost here or there makes serious inroads on work productivity.  Until this point is gotten across customer service is likely to be impaired.
  6. Give the man employee a definite day-long schedule of duties so that he'll keep busy without bothering management or woman coworkers for instructions every few minutes. Numerous professional studies say man workers make excellent staffers when they have their job responsibilities detailed for them but that they take to much initiative when they must assume responsibility themselves.
  7. Whenever possible don't change a man's responsibilities during the day. A man is inclined to be happier and calmer with no changes.
  8. Give the office man adequate reminders throughout the day to keep working at his job. You must make some allowance for male psychology.  A man is less confident in the office environment and is more efficient if he's reminded how important his work is to the overall success of the business.  At the same time remind him to be neat and presentable so to present the same appearance to customers.  A man can be sloppy about his appearance.
  9. Be tactful when issuing instructions to a man or making work criticisms.  A man identifies with his work.  He can be sensitive.  He cannot shrug off harsh words the way woman can. Never ridicule a man in front of woman coworkers.  It breaks his desire to perform and cuts off efficiency.
  10. Be reasonable and considerate about using prissy or feminine language around a man. Even though a man's wife, mother, or sister may be delicate, a man will grow to dislike this in the work environment where he hears too much of it.  After investing so much in him you don't want him to leave.
  11. Have some initially flexibility in your dress codes for your office man.  A man just naturally doesn't think about what he wears or how he appears.  When you get to know his wife a little suggest options or ideas to her about how her man might dress.  She will be really glad you did.  By then he will have worked enough to have brought home some of what he has earned and it'll be more likely she can afford to buy her man new clothes.
  12. Start a weekly office betting pool. Any sporting event will do.  A man really likes sports and betting action and office women will begin to learn about a sport their office man likes.  It's a great way to build camaraderie.

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