20 October 2008

Pimientos, Chorizo, and Wine

I got started thinking about pimientos when my friend Liz reminded me they were nothing more than ripened green peppers turning red. Well pimiento is nothing more than the Spanish word for pepper but in English it has come to mean red peppers that are prepared by cooking, skinning, and seeding. Well here is a recipe for making your own pimientos.

Just place the red peppers in a roasting pan and
  • bake @ 375 degree F
  • for 35 minutes,
  • turning occasionally
  • then, peel off the skin
  • remove the seeds.
It seems deceptively simple but I have done it. The result is yummy.

And if you prepare a pound of iron-skillet-fried chorizo, until lightly browned, remove, deglaze the pan with 2 or 3 tablespoons of dry red wine, then add 2, 3, 4, whatever, garlic cloves, and some fresh chopped parsley, and 2 medium sized pimientos, then combine all in a foil pack with a large air pocket above, tightly closed, then placed in a baking dish, into a heated 350 degree F oven, left for 35 minutes, well, the result is really a doubling to an unpretentious pleasurable feast. Add a little more red wine . . . some music . . . well, sounds like good time to me.

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