28 October 2008


I wake in the night my eyes open wide, yelling echoes, to end, into my room. Mary . . . Mary, . . Oh Mary, each inevitable insistent pressing in . . . Where are ya Mary! The scary merry taunts through ducts, a vapor seeping it’s sounds… slithering… snaking… throughing… silent.
Mary . . . Mary. . . Oh Mary!
I want ogre’s voice out.
Mary’s sound’s, ringing’s alive. Ogre’s alive. He’s comin’ in.
Terror grips and panic coils
tight I clutch my totem club... under pillow.
Possum up relax eyelids down door open switch on I see
bright light from the dark above… watching… through my eyelids masking.
He’s in the doorway, watching… crossing… slithering silently slowly snaking throughing over me watching... shadow dims my red.
An icy wind gusts through open window billows out drapes and pulls fall back thunk on wall
mouthy liquor smell for an instant’s gone, now back
watching over me.

Mary… is in the closet.

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