30 September 2008


I’m snagged on Religulous. The HBO presentation will get lots of American bi-coastal attention. Bill Maher is your agnostic master of ceremonies. In between America's two cultural oceanic coasts Religulous may get college and university campus attention. I suspect the title word is to insinuate a religious belief is ridiculous.
Money and choosing and proselytizing agnosticism may be the motivations. Mr. Maher says, “I believe in ‘I don't know’ ”. That's obvious, especially at the expense of people unlike you. I bet HBO’s pandering cultural choir ponies up for your mutual hilarity and financial benefit.
Mr. Maher says, “Anyone who’s religious is extremist.” Really. “Anyone?” Pray tell Mr. Maher (Oops! You don't know what prayer is!) what’s HBO’s cut to you for serving agnostic cheap shots at folk who claim religious faith. I say it takes an extremist to know an extremist.
Religulous is extremist. Mr. Maher you’re an extreme agnostic. It’s self-promotion masquerading as pandering agnosticism. You’re an agnostic southern Appalachian street preacher condemning lunch hour folk as ignorant sinners. In Religulous you’re the pharisaic putz. You cheapen agnosticism.
Mr. Maher you choose to pick on all who profess a faith and religious tradition so to highlight yours. I’d imagine you’d defend your religious belief. And in your defense you’d declare your superior belief. OK. I say you’re an extreme agnostic putz.

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